About Silo Cleaning

The Cleaning process is best when using combination of both Silo AES Silo Whip & Cardox system for cleaning the silo removing the need of human entry for the purpose.

Through Combination of procedures we make sure your Silo is free from of clogging, blockages.

Clean all wall coatings, remove lumps. All material removed and most of it can be used. The Silo Whipper enables breaking of wall coating, prepare channel for Cardox activation. Both Whipper and Cardox System are used to break formation and lumps.

Silo Cleaning Equipment & Services

Removal of Blockage, Clogging, Dead Stock from Silo’s Cement, Clinker, Slag, Ground Slag,
Raw-meal, Ash, Coal Silos and Bunkers


Blocked Silo


After Whip & Cardox operation


Remaining Material removed manually or by suction


Air Slides replaced