About Silo Cleaning-Info

Silo·s capacity and function can seriously affected due to cloooing or blockage. Reduced capacity, inefficient discharge, dead stock build-up eats into op erating profits. Our turnkey silo cleaning service that can handle projects on a reliable and consistent basis.

Silo’s of any size,capacity and for any material such as Cement, Coal,Clinker, Slag, Ash,Soda Ash, for total material recovery, and restored capacity in shortest possible span of time

From initial planning to project execution and de­ mobilization,we provide engineered solutions and professional project management to your silo deaning and bin material build-up problems. Our silo cleaning Crew & equipment are capable of providing 1OOo/o satisfaction.

•Cost efficient
•Noworker entry in confined spaces
•Broomstick cleaning after mechanized Cleaning
•Ory process
•Complete safety
•Fast and effective
•Most materialis recoverable