Alpha Engineering & Service (AES) was established in 1992 by Parveen Malik (Pommy), having worked with Ibau Hamburg – Germany,
Mannesmann Demag – Germany, Technip Seiffert – Germany for over 24 years for providing supervision worldwide

we are dealing in various types of material handling and packing equipment for conveying and weighing of different type of bulk material handling which includes cement, power, fertilizer, chemical etc.

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Cement producers worldwide are striving to lower their production costs. One effective method of achieving this end is the use of alternative fuels. Use of low-grade alternative fuels such as Petroleum Coke / Pet Coke, Waste coal, tyres, Sewage sludge, and Biomass fuels (such as wood products, agricultural wastes, etc.) in Precalciners is a viable option. The biggest operational challenge is faced due to blockages in the Preheater Cyclones, build-ups in the Kiln Riser ducts other than higher SO², NOx, and CO emissions, and dusty kilns are some of the major challenges. AES- Alpha Engineering & Services is providing blockage prevention system using Cardox, and blockage removal services.



Cardox System: Based on liquid CO2 system, used for clearing build up and blockages. Co2 is gasified at a very rapid pace to generate gas release at extremely high pressure, designed to break or aerate materials by discharging Carbon Dioxide at high pressure into the material.

Silo Whip

AES Silo Whip: AES Silo Whipper mechanical cleaning system powered by hydraulics, the Silo Whipper Head can be maneuvered to reach and clean by Remote Control Manifold. The whipping head is lowered inside the silo, but operated remotely from the silo top, the Silo Whipper efficiently
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Alpha Engineering & Service (AES)
was established in 1992

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Packing Machines

AES Roto Packer is the outcomes of years of combined experience of engineers in design, engineering & manufacturing of Packing Plants equipment. Roto Packer is available having 4 to 16 spouts for capacity ranging from 1200 bags to 4800 bags/hr.

Every Spout is equipped with individual filling system consisting of impeller box assembly, bag chair assembly, filling spout assembly, load cell assembly and electronic unit.

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